An Unlikely Story Bookstore and Café in Plainville (MA)

Article by Sam Dostaler

An Unlikely Story Bookstore and Café in Plainville, Massachusetts was an unlikely find for New England Travel Journal, and let’s be honest there are few things better than stumbling on a good local find. We were in the area for an afternoon meeting and after playing a round of golf at nearby Heather Hill Country Club the idea was to head to the nearby shopping complex to try and find a Starbucks for a snack and internet access.

That plan however was quickly altered. Just minutes after leaving the course as I returned to the main road I spotted the signage for An Unlikely Story Bookstore and Café and thought it looked like an interesting lunch place. As I drove by I initially thought, ‘I’ll just keep going because I will be closer to my meeting location.’ However, common sense quickly returned and I pulled into the nearest parking lot to turn around so that I could at the least go check out the potential lunch spot.

Within seconds of walking in it was clear that turning around was the right choice. Entering through the side door, the moment you step inside you instantly feel the vibes of a welcoming cafe and bookstore.

Caprese Panini

Once I entered the first thing I did was head to the counter to purchase lunch, after scanning the menu I opted for their caprese panini. Served on freshly toasted bread and full of flavor, the panini was the perfect light afternoon lunch.

Following lunch, it was time to explore the bookstore portion of our unlikely discovery. As we began to wander the shelves we quickly noticed the wide range of books that were on display. Everything from bestsellers to books submitted by local authors.

Opened in May 2015, An Unlikely Story Bookstore and Café, was the dream of “Dairy of a Wimpy Kid” author Jeff Kinney and his wife Julie. The duo bought what was formally known as Falk’s Market in 2012, a landmark building in town that dates back to the pre-Civil War era, that served as everything from a general store to a pharmacy, tearoom, and restaurant. When Jeff and Julie purchased the building it was empty and in much need of a facelift. Fast forward a few years to the opening weekend when 1,000 people were on hand.

After strolling around the store it was back to the counter for dessert, while ordering lunch I noticed a large selection of chocolate cookies and couldn’t pass up the temptation. Especially after walking 18-holes of golf in the morning!

After working for a while and the time for departure nearing I decided it was time for one last round of exploring. While working I noticed some people heading up a set of stairs so before heading out I ascended the stairs and found the Second Story, where various events including readings, workshops, wine tasting, family game nights, and karaoke are hosted.

As for me An Unlikely Story Bookstore and Café had hosted me for an unlikely pleasant afternoon. With my meeting time quickly approaching I headed back to my car to continue on my way, hoping that at some point my travels would take me back to the welcoming vibes of this Plainville landmark.

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