Bear Feet Co. produces the Perfect New England Sock

Article by Sam Dostaler

Hiking, running, lounging in front of the fire; you name it and the socks from the Bear Feet Co. have you covered.

We recently tried out a pair of Bear Feet Co. Merino socks and from the moment we took them out of the package we could tell they were high quality. The Merino socks are designed for everyday use and we went right to work testing that out. First we did some lounging around the house on a cold winter day. The socks, made out of the natural fiber Merino Wool, were just the ticket for staying warm and comfortable while relaxing throughout the day.

However, the real test came a few days later when we decided despite temperatures near 20 degrees before the wind chill was factored in that it was a good day to go for a run. Often on days like this, even if thick socks are worn, towards the middle portion of the run my feet will begin to get cold. That was not the case with the Bear Feet Co. socks, in fact even after I finished thanks to the material which helps whisk away moisture my feet remained dry and comfortable during my cool down phase.

In addition to whisking away moisture the Merino socks are designed to limit bacteria, are anti-stink and blister free while also offering extra padding and arch support. 

The story of Bear Feet Co. founded by, Christian Collard, goes like this. Collard, an avid hiker, was always looking for a good hiking sock, something that was light and breathable but he was unable to find something on his own that he felt was good enough and affordable. So to solve the problem Collard took things into his own hands creating Bear Feet Co. so he could make not only himself the socks he wanted but others as well. 

Along with the Merino socks, Collard, also produces Polar Bear socks, a thicker version of the ones we tried and Everyday Comfort Socks; all at an affordable price. The Everyday Comfort Socks are super-light and made with a comfy cotton blend.

Photo Courtesy of Bear Feet Co.

Operating out of Worcester, Massachusetts, each Bear Feet sock order comes with a Happy Feet Guarantee, “We promise you will love your socks and that they will support your feet on your new adventures. If you do not love them, simply send them back within 60 days and we’ll send you a new pair.”

Our guess? Bear Feet Co. will be sending you a new pair of socks. But it won’t be because you aren’t happy with the product, but rather because you will keep going back for more. The Bear Feet Co. socks are ‘Wildly Good Socks’ and the perfect match for a New England outdoor enthusiast.

*Featured Image Courtesy of Bear Feet Co.

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