The Duo

We have been friends for over 20 years and share our love for all things New England, sports and our thirst to start our own business. The friendship started when Sam tried to teach Stavros how to play football at recess in third grade. Fast forward two decades and now we started a brand together.

Sam Dostaler: Co-founder
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As a native of Connecticut I have been traveling around my home state and the New England for as long as I can remember. Among my favorite places to travel are Cape Cod, the White Mountains and Boston. With that said if I’m somewhere in New England I’m all smiles.

Outside of New England travel I have a wide variety of interests including traveling, playing golf and cheering on UConn Basketball and the Boston Red Sox.

I also have a growing enjoyment of the New England craft beer scene (especially a good stout!)

Stavros: Co-founder

Born in the states but moved to Greece with my family when I was six months old, I spent the majority of my childhood on the islands. I grew up going to the beach almost every warm day in the summer and any other month of the year that allowed it. My father was a recreational spear fisherman and taught me to love fishing at a young age.

I still remember times as a young kid when all of my uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, parents, and brother and I would go camp on the beach for a weekend. After setting up our camp, all the men in the family put on their wet suits and jumped in the water to spear and net lunch and dinner. I remember cooking octopus and fish over fire and charcoals and staying late at night enjoying the company and the beach. 

After moving back to the states, my parents made it a point to try and go to the beach every Sunday in the summer and enjoy some New England seafood. On the days that the weather did not cooperate, we went to our local fish market to buy dinner for our Seafood Extravaganzas. To this day, I am still convinced that my father makes the best stuffed shrimp on this planet. 

Aside from the love of seafood and the New England shore, I enjoy playing soccer, golfing with friends, traveling, and enjoying any and all good food. 



David Alpert-New England Photographer
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Susan Bell-Maine Photographer
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Caryn B. Davis-Photographer and Travel Writer, author of A Connecticut Christmas
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Michael Hughes-New England Drone Photographer
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Bernadette Dostaler

P Valentine Haggerty-Homemade Bread Baking
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