Donut Craze hits Mystic – Young Buns Doughnuts Opens

Article by Sam Dostaler

The owners of Sift Bakery in Mystic, Connecticut have a new venture and it is already a big hit. On the first Saturday of August at around 7:30 a.m. we left our room at the Steamboat Inn and made our way over to the newly opened Young Buns Doughnuts. What we found was a long line of donut crazed patrons stretched down Main Street waiting their turn to try the newest addition to the vibrant downtown.

The line to get inside Young Buns Doughnuts

Given that it is 2020, the scene was a bit different, masks were on and social distancing was in place, but that didn’t lessen the buzz and excitement of those waiting in line for their chance at a sweet treat.

It was a glorious summer day; with the sun shining, the temperature was comfortable so the half-hour wait was enjoyable. I largely kept my phone in my pocket and read the newspaper while listening to the chatter of those in line around me. I even chuckled the first couple of times (by the fourth time the joke got old!) the gentleman in front of me offered to pay $5 a donut to those who were leaving the store so he didn’t have to wait in line. There were no takers!

Finally, it was my turn to enter the shop, and once you do you are welcomed by a large array of freshly made donuts laid out for you to see. There were almost too many options to take in at once! I selected the vanilla glazed, old fashion, cinnamon sugar, and on a splurge the Triple Chocolate.

After being handed my box I exited the shop and headed for the bridge to enjoy a donut with a view!

Note: Young Buns Doughnuts opens every day, except for Tuesdays, from 7 a.m. to sell out. You are encouraged to arrive early to get your favorites.

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