Lupine Fields Bloom in Sugar Hill (NH)

Article by Sam Dostaler

One of the amazing things about New England is that no matter how much traveling you have done you are always discovering more about the magic of the region. With a little help from the endless number of Instagram posts, combined with an already planned trip to New Hampshire we were able to discover the stunning beauty of the annual Lupine bloom in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.

Not knowing what to expect we headed for Sugar Hill with our destination set as Polly’s Pancake Parlor. The parlor proved to be the doorway to a Lupine paradise. Right across the street from Polly’s was a meadow filled with Lupine’s accented by endless Meadow Buttercups, with the mountains looming in the background.

We continued our journey along Sugar Hill Road, past large Lupine meadows, past St. Matthew’s Chapel, to Sunset Hill Road where the fields opened up to majestic mountain views.

Lupine flowers begin to bloom early in June and typically stay in bloom for a few weeks. The bloom brings countless visitors, photographers, and painters to the meadows, all there to capture a snapshot of the Lupine bloom magic.

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