NETJ Podcast Ep.19 – Hidden New England with Boston Magazine Executive Editor Brittany Jasnoff

Boston magazine Executive Editor Brittany Jasnoff joins the New England Travel Journal Podcast to talk about ‘Hidden New England.’

The October issue of Boston magazine has a piece on Hidden New Englanda feature that explores lesser-known towns and tucked-away spots scattered throughout the region. With social distancing and outdoor experiences top-of-mind, this spread offers readers a closer look at some underappreciated natural locations: from secluded watering holes in Warren, Vermont, to the virtually untouched beauty of Monhegan Island, Maine, to where you can find castle ruins, alligator sausages, and, yes, authentic dinosaur footprints (!!), it’s all in New England and it’s all in this travel guide. Even fans of the paranormal can find something of interest!

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Featured Image from Boston magazine article

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