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Hay Creek Hotels Travel Series Stay 6 of 6

Written by Stavros

The New England Travel Journal visited The Abbey Inn, in Peekskills, New York as the sixth hotel in our travel series partnership with Hay Creek Hotels (HCH). HCH manages a collection of timeless boutique hotel properties largely in New England. To book a future stay at any of the HCH we visited or any of the many hotels in their portfolio use Promo Code NETJHCH20 for 20% off the best available rates. 

The Stay

The Exterior and Grounds

The grounds and views at the Abbey Inn are quite simply breathtaking. This was the last of our six-stay partnership with Hay Creek Hotels and it was definitely the most luxurious of them all. The Inn has a castle look perched at the top of Fort Hill. The views from the main entrance allow you to see for miles down the Hudson River. Just near the main entrance to the hotel is a pergola right at the edge of the grounds. There are many weddings a year that take places right on this very spot with those stunning views of the New York valley area.

When visiting the Abbey Inn, we made sure to walk around the whole property to get a look at all the many beautifully manicured gardens. There are even a couple of fires pits with stone benches and wicker chairs for medium to large parties to enjoy during the cooler evenings. The Apropos Restaurant also has patio seating right in the center of the hotel. The dining tables are surrounded by more colorful gardens, a pond with a water display and dramatic views of the clock tower and old chapel.

The Rooms

We stayed overnight in a Premier King suite that overlooked the central garden and Apropos patio. The suite was expansive and very comfortable for our stay. The king sized bed was just dreamy and perfect for a restful night’s sleep. The suite also had a sitting area and small office, and a large double slider door walk-in closet. The bathroom was also very large and spa-like with the waterfall shower head and spacious stand-in shower.

To Eat

We had our favorite dinner of the six-stay travel series at Apropos Restaurant. For drinks, we started off with a Reverend Cowl (Redemption Bourbon, Absinthe, Lime Juice, Mint) and a glass of Cote du Rhone, “Monte Lune” Domaine Remejeanne Rhone. For appetizers, we started with the East Coast Oysters served on a bed of ice with Black Pepper Mignonette and the Steamed Mussels and Fries served with Pickled Chilies, Vermouth. Both appetizers were exquisite. For our mains, we greatly enjoyed Cappalletti stuffed with Braised Beef, Pecorino, Sugo and the Local Chicken served on Farro, Field Peas, and Smoked Ricotta. Both meals were absolutely mouth-watering and we enjoyed them to the very last bite. For dessert, we finished up our night with the Gelato Trio and sampled the Salted Caramel, Black Raspberry and the Coffee gelato all served over caramel flakes. For brunch the next morning we also ate at Apropos and loved our Weekend Quiche with Seasonal Greens, Goat Cheese, Green Salad, and the Apropos Benedict with Smoked Trout, Greens, and Hollandaise.

To Do

Peekskill is a vibrant and bustling town that has a very expansive art district. We walked around downtown and Main Street for an hour or so and just admired a lot of the local art displays as well as a street fair that was taking place that Sunday morning. The art district extends all the way to Peekskill Landing Park which is right on the Hudson. The park offers a lot of space for various activities for people of all ages. From the playground areas for the kids to the multiple art displays laid out along the walking path, to the River Cruise locations, one can spend many hours at the park enjoying themselves.

Located just a block away is Peekskill Brewery which offers a long selection of craft beers. Along with their beverages, they serve a myriad of delicious appetizers such as the veggie platter, or burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas. The brewery also has a spacious pub room with a large bar, or a very large outdoor area full of picnic tables.

One of our favorite activities while staying at the Abbey Inn was a quick hike through Fort Hill. The entrance to the walking trail starts right on the hotel property and walks around a manmade pond with water features. Then quickly loops up to the top of the hill and back towards the pond. This made for a brink late afternoon walk just before our dinner reservations on our first night.


The Abbey Inn and Spa is such a luxurious escape. The beautiful and dramatic architecture of the hotel looks like you’re staying in a castle, while the views of the Hudson River instantly take your breath away. We had our favorite meal at Apropos Restaurant that we enjoyed on the patio surrounded by the meticulously manicured garden beds. We also really enjoyed all the outdoor seating areas and the short walk to the hiking trail through Fort Hill.

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