VIDEO: New England Photographer “Jeff Foliage” featured on CBS Sunday Morning

By New England Travel Journal

I begin most Sunday mornings relaxing on the couch watching CBS Sunday Morning and getting some news about the good in the world. This Sunday as I watched I perked up a little more than usual when a segment about Jeff Folger came on the air. In an interview with Conor Knighton, Folger, who goes by “Jeff Foliage” brought the beauty of New England foliage into living rooms all around the country.

“My niche in life is the fall colors,” Folger told Knighton during their interview. “It’s such a little present. It’s like Christmas for me. And I love unwrapping my presents! And I’m running around New England finding all these wonderful colors out here.”

Folger retired from the Air Force 15 years ago and since then he has traveled around New England photographing his way through the autumn. You can check our Folgers photos by visiting his website, photo gallery or Facebook page.

CBS Sunday Morning provided information for this story. To read the fill story click here.

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