Westward Shores (NH)

Written by Stavros

After a summer mostly spent indoors or traveling to locations not too far from home we were invited to visit Westward Shores in Ossipee, New Hampshire. A fun getaway for families and friends with a couple of ways to stay and plenty of exciting things to do. Tucked up in the northwest end of Ossipee Lake, Westward Shores has some breathtaking views of the lake as well as the surrounding mountains. One of our favorite moments during our stay was watching the sunrise from the grassy peninsula near the marina. Seeing the sky filled with vibrant red, orange and purple colors above the glass-like waters of the lake was just breathtaking and something that we will remember for a long time. 

Ways to Stay   

Westward Shores accommodates a wide array of options to stay. There are a great number of campsites for seasonal RV parking as well as some that looked like they were occupied year-round. During our tour of the campgrounds, we noticed that some campsites even had stone fire pits as well as wooden porches built around the RVs. Another great way to stay at Westward Shores is in one of the camping cabins or one of the numerous newer cottages full of all the comforts of home. There are beachfront, lakefront, and lake view cottages available for rent. As well as some cottages tucked away in the woods like the Pine Forest or Forest Glen. 

Our Stay

We were invited to stay in the Forest Glen Cottage which was a short golf cart ride from the Marina and the beach. Our cottage was very spacious, with wooden panels covering all of the walls and ceilings. There was a large master suite with a comfortable queen-sized bed and wooden wardrobe built into the walls. 

The living area was pretty spacious with a small wooden dining table with two chairs and a bench as well as a pullout couch. The kitchen had more than enough room to cook meals for a small group and also had a stove and range, microwave, and more than adequate fridge. The bathroom was also comfortable in size, although the sealing was a little short due to the loft being overhead. 

The loft sported two twin sized mattresses and windows on both sides for views of the campsite. On the far end of the cottage was another bedroom with a full-sized bed and a bunked twin as well as more storage. Both rooms had ductless AC/electric heaters as well as TVs. The outside of the cabin had a large patio with a table and chairs and a grill. On the campsite, there was also enough parking for two cars and a golf cart. 

Things to Do 

The obvious activities involve being in, on or around Ossipee Lake. There is a small beach near the marina which is a prime swimming spot. There are also a few spots around the lake that looked like they would be good for fishing for salmon, perch, trout, or bass. Then you can rent paddle boards, kayaks, or boats to spend your time out on the lake. Scattered around the campground there is a baseball field, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as tennis courts.

There are also two large playgrounds where young kids can spend time at. A regular one fitted with slides and swings and then the ninja playground which has some harder obstacles to overcome. Then there is also the giant jumping pillow that we thoroughly enjoyed seeing who can jump the highest on. In addition to all of these things, there are regularly scheduled activities for guests of all ages. Depending on the day there are activities like face painting, concerts, dance parties and more. The campground is also welcoming a new indoor and new outdoor pool near the center of the grounds.

The Lake 

Being right on Ossipee Lake was perhaps one of our favorite parts of our visit. The views from the marina overlooking the lake and all the mountains in the background made for some stellar and serene views. It makes Westward shores such a great vacation destination for a summer getaway when you’re just looking to cool off and enjoy some activities near the water. 

We greatly enjoyed our time at the Westward Shores and wish it had lasted for more than the Labor Day holiday.

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