Wicked Tulips Flower Farm (CT)

If flowers are your thing then Wicked Tulips Flower Farm is for you. If flowers aren’t your thing then Wicked Tulips Flower Farm is for you. Let us explain!

We recently visited Wicked Tulips Flower Farm in Preston, Connecticut – there is also a location in Exeter, Rhode Island – and what we found was a welcoming experience for all.

When we arrived we parked our car in a dusty lot and walked along an unassuming path not quite sure what to expect. After about a minute of walking, we saw what we had come for, a large expansive field of brightly colored tulips. A short while later our pre-purchased tickets were punched (or scanned these days) and we found ourselves immersed in a sea of tulips.

Note: Be sure to buy your tickets early as Wicked Tulips Flower Farm sells out fast. We bought our tickets a week in advance. If you are going during the week there is often more availability. The season is short typically running from April to May.

Armed with a bucket and a camera we set out to frolic amongst the tulips to pick our allotted 10 flowers each to bring home and also snap away. As we idling wandered up and down the rows pretending to be experts on which tulip to pick one couldn’t help but observe how this garden had brought so many different people together.

There were young couples holding hands, there were families trying to control the young ones long enough to take a picture, grandparents walked behind or sat on a bench smiling as their grandkids sped ahead looking for the perfect tulip, and there were professional and amateur photographers alike looking for the perfect shot. The simplicity and beauty of the scene made it almost impossible to miss the perfect shot.

As we approached our flower limit we lingered for a bit and sat on a bench admiring the flowers and breathing in the calm of the moment. Wicked Tulips Flower Farm is unlike any other pick your own experience we have had and it is certainly one we will be returning to time and time again.

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