Local Burger (MA)

Whether you order a speciality burger named after a western Massachusetts town or create your own, stopping at Local Burger is a must when passing through Northampton. Situated on the corner of Main Street in the small vibrant town that is the home to Smith College, Local Burger lives by the motto, “It’s not just delicious, it’s local.”

At times finding a seat can be difficult at the small restaurant but any potential wait is well worth it. Upon entering grab a seat, if you can, and then head to the counter to place your order. Make sure you take a moment to study the menu because the choices are extensive.

Ordering is pub style. Patrons place orders at the counter and wait staff delivers meals to the tables.  Portions are big. Brown paper bags are stacked on the counter near the cash register for patrons to grab and pack up leftovers to bring home.

You can choose from the Westhampton Burger (bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ, ranch dressing), their signature option The “Local” Burger (6 oz. patty, cheddar and American cheese, bacon, mushroom, onion and red peppers), the Juicy Lucy (12 oz. patty stuffed with American cheese served molten hot) or the hometown burger, the Northampton Burger (homemade veggie burger with tzatziki sauce) among many more options.

Another option is to build your own which we did opting for a BBQ Bacon Burger. The process is simple, just pick your patty type, add on your extras and then wait for your number to be called. To go along with our meal we opted for a side of hand-cut fries, beer battered onion rings and a vanilla milk shake. While we sat and waited for our food, you can see them cooking it behind the counter, we enjoyed chatting and watching the flow of customers in and out of the quaint local joint.

The burgers were juicy and exploding with flavor with each bite. You could tell that the burgers were local and that everything had been made fresh. The special on the day we visited was a burger topped with short ribs and shoestring onion rings.

As we headed back onto Northampton’s Main Street after finishing our meal we couldn’t help but smile and look back at Local Burger and say, “We can’t wait to go back there again.”

Of Note: The Northampton location is one of three with one in Keene, New Hampshire and a third by the name of Local Burgy in Haydenville, Massachusetts. There is also a Local Burgy catering truck.

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