Lobster Landing (CT)

Article by Sam Dostaler

Lobster Landing is simple and delicious. Located on the Clinton, CT shoreline where Commerce Street runs out of pavement, Lobster Landing is the perfect place to enjoy the summer sunshine. Upon arriving in the small parking lot the first thing that will catch your eye is the white with red trim weather beaten shack at the end of the road. The words Lobster Landing (with the ‘O’ a bit askew) painted in an appropriate red paint sit above the doorway.

However, after observing the building for a moment your senses will be drawn to the main attraction, the lobster roll’s being sold underneath a tent to the left of the parking lot. As you cross from pavement to crushed shells you are able to scope out a picnic table that affords a view of the water. Once you have picked your seats there is only one thing left to do, order a lobster roll.

As the only seafood item on the menu the choice is simple and the wait is only a matter of moments. The lobster roll is served simply on a perfectly toasted grinder roll with a precisely measured 1/4 pound of fresh hot lobster meat. Each roll includes knuckle, claw and tail meat that has been handpicked and wrapped into small mesh bags.

When your order is ready to be made the meat is evenly distributed throughout the roll so that every bite includes a mouthful of delicious lobster. To top off each roll, melted butter is dripped onto the meat along with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon for some extra flavor.

After getting your lobster roll, which they wrap in tin foil so that it stays warm, you head back to your seat overlooking the water. It’s hard not to do, but try not to eat the lobster roll to fast!

There are options for non-seafood eaters in your group as well including an Italian Sausage or Hot Dog. Also available are assorted snack bags, canned beverages and for desert Gelato.

Note: Lobster Landing has limited hours so make sure you plan accordingly. Although open seven days a week Lobster Landing is only open from 11 am-6 pm Monday-Thursday and 11 am-7 pm Friday-Sunday.

Lobster Landing allows you to bring outside food and beverages (BYOB!) as well. Many people will pack a picnic basket filled with small finger foods or a salad to go along with their lobster roll.

Out of the main building available for purchase are live lobsters, steamers, oysters and mussels.

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