Photos by Caryn B. Davis: Iconic Connecticut Riverside Towns

Article by Sam Dostaler

The waterways of Connecticut are some of the most iconic locations in the state. The Goodspeed Opera House along the Connecticut River, Mystic Seaport on the Mystic River, the elegance of Essex, just to name a few.

Our photography contributor Caryn B. Davis has been taking fantastic photos of Connecticut during all seasons for years and with spring in full bloom across the state we wanted to share some gorgeous shots from along the Connecticut River. These are snapshots of just some of the many stops you can make while traveling the river.

The Emma C. Berry docked in Mystic Seaport along the Mystic River
Photo by Caryn B. Davis
The Becky Thatcher cruises along the Connecticut River
Photo by Caryn B. Davis
Connecticut River in East Haddam, CT with the Goodspeed Opera House and East Haddam Swing Bridge in the background
Photo by Caryn B. Davis
The Blue Oar in Haddam, CT offers an enjoyable view of the Connecticut River
Photo by Caryn B. Davis
Located a short walk on Main Street from the edge of the Connecticut River is the iconic Griswold Inn in Essex, CT
Photo by Caryn B. Davis

For more fantastic photos of Connecticut and beyond follow Caryn on her Instagram page.

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