Essex Paint and Sip (CT)

Article by Sam Dostaler

We recently visited Essex Paint and Sip for a birthday party and from the assistance in planning to the flow of the day it couldn’t have been easier.

Nestled on Main Street in the picturesque town of Essex, CT along the Connecticut River, Essex Paint and Sip offers the perfect setting for a date night or large gathering. When visiting Essex Paint and Sip there are few restrictions, other than purchasing the wine and craft beer on site, we were able to bring an assortment of snacks and soft drinks allowing us to truly make the afternoon our own.

Once our party of 20 was all gathered and drinks had been purchased it was time to paint. The painting that we choose was a heron standing on a dock along the shoreline. With varying levels of artistic ability in the room when it was time to get down to business there was a mix of excitement and anxiety as to how each persons painting would turn out.

However, over the course of the next two hours with the help of our instructor the entire room made their way through the painting and when the paint was dry everybody left with a satisfactory smile even if the painting wasn’t an exact replica of the instructors (i.e a Pacman, Tweety Bird versions!).

Following the end of the party with just enough late October sunlight remaining we strolled the length of Main Street enjoying the Halloween decorations, crisp autumn leaves and at the road the views of the Connecticut River.

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